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About Hair Extensions

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About Hair Extensions


What are clip-in hair extensions?

These types of hair extensions are the perfect solution if you want to stay free of any permanent bonding, not to mention they are quick and easily applicable wherever you may be. You can attach and remove them yourself in a few easy steps, and they blend in comfortably with your own hair, adding volume and length. Clip-in hair extensions are also the most affordable option for natural, healthy and fabulous looking sensational hair. Feel Sexy, Powerful and Sensational with clip-in hair extensions by Monica.

How do I attach them to my own hair?

A. Hair Extensions by Monica come in separate wefts with small snap clips that you can attach under your hair. The clips are designed for complete security and virtual invisibility, which means that your extensions are super safe to wear and nobody ever has to know about them but you!

How long does it take to clip in my extensions?

You will be able to put in your extensions in less than 5 minutes, and take them out in a fraction of that time. With practice comes experience, so you should master the technique in no time!

How long does my hair need to be for these clip-in extensions?

The rule of thumb for this one is about 6 inches for good security and natural looks.

How long will the extensions last?

Hair Extensions By Monica are top quality human hair, so they have a long lifespan in the market. Treat them with good care and do not use excessive products or wash them regularly. Need replacing in about 1-5 months, and the better you take care of them, the longer they last.

What hair is used for the extensions?

These Hair Extensions by Monica are made from 100% human hair, which means a million added qualities as opposed to synthetic hair. Not only does the hair stay healthy and look perfectly natural, but it can be styled with a variety of tools and can truly be treated as your own.

So what does Remy hair mean?

Remy essentially designates the best quality human hair available on the market, identifiable by two main features:

1. The hair is hand picked and individually arranged in the same direction of growing, so that all the cuticles run downwards and prevent tangling or matting;

2. Exclusive use of the finest untreated and not previously colored hair. After the hair is selected and arranged by remy standards, it undergoes a gentle treatment process which makes sure the cuticle remains intact, while adding vigor and color to the hair. The results: a soft, velvety feel and a shine that is made to last!

What clips do you use for the extensions?

Our clips have  secure rubber grip. They are light and small, so they will remain virtually undetected under all that gorgeous new hair.

Can the extensions be straightened & curled?

YES, they can! 100% human hair means you can treat them as if they were your own. Style them straight, wavy or culry. Always be careful not to use excessive products and use a heat protection spray before working with hot tools.

How do I know which color is right for me?

This can be a tricky one, especially because the tone you get on a computer screen is not always entirely accurate. Just to play it extra safe, what we suggest is that you send us a sample or a photo of your hair, and we will advise for the best match.

These Hair Extensions by Monica were designed so they blend in with lighter and darker shades, as they all contain different undertones in their composition. Once you clip them in, you will generally notice that the colors match better than you might have expected.

However, if you do find the color doesn’t work, you can always return it under our easy exchange policy. Add a sample of you own hair to the package and we will send you back the correct color in return.

Can I color the extensions?

Yes, the extensions can be colored. It is always advisable to darken rather than lighten the hair, and you should be extra careful with bleached hair, as it is more sensitive. Just to make sure you get the exact shade you want, you should have your hairdresser color the extensions rather than doing it at home. Dyed extensions can not be returned.

Can I wash & blow-dry the hair extensions?

Yes, you should wash the hair extensions as if they were your own, using plenty of shampoo and conditioner. We recommend you wash them every 15-20 wears, and treat them with plenty of conditioner to keep them moist and healthy. The extensions can also be blow-dried, but we advise that you don’t do this too often. Ideally, they should be allowed to dry naturally, as this will give them a longer lifespan.


To learn more about hair extensions please visit www.hairxhub.com


Orders /Payment


My color is out of stock, when will I be able to order?

Some colors sell faster than others, so it is not uncommon for our stock to run out from time to time. However, we do our best to re-stock every 1-2 weeks, so your wait is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Where else can I buy hair extensions By Monica?

Hair Extensions By Monica can only be bought here at www.HairExtensionsByMonica.com. If you see our brand anywhere else online, you should consider it a counterfeit and should not purchase! In order to be sure you are buying genuine hair extensions by Monica, you should only purchase straight from us.

If you do find what seem to be our products on any other website or shop, please contact us immediately. Hair Extensions By Monica is a registered trademark and anyone using it without permission will be prosecuted.

What are the payment methods you accept?

We accept payment by any major credit cards and PayPal, all you need to do is make sure you choose the right option at check-out.



Do you ship internationally?

Yes, shipping is free worldwide on any order size, so you are covered wherever you may be, with no extra cost!

How long does shipping usually take?

Shipping times will vary depending on location.

US delivery is done through USPS Priority Mail and takes 3-5 business days;

Canada shipments will take 7-15 business days under USPS Priority Mail;

And any other international destination is handled through USPS Priority International Mail, taking from 9-15 days.

Please wait for these intervals to pass before contacting us about your delivery, as we will not be able to conduct any investigation at this stage. Your patience will be highly rewarded, we promise.

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